A better way to manage support for your plugins and themes on WordPress.org!

Maintain a strong community presence, while simultaneously improving your end-user support.

Keep your eye on the prize

Set your own resolution target, and watch your progress towards greater user satisfaction!

Quickly assess your plugin or theme's support needs without going through countless forum topics.

See which requests you missed, or where you are still waiting on a users followup at a glance.

Our goal is to ensure that as many WordPress.org users as possible, get the support they seek, through empowering those who publish plugins and themes through WordPress.org!

Check out those remarkable community members!

Never miss out on passionate community members who help your users out, identify them, and make sure they get the recognition they deserve!

Who knows, you might even find your next hire among them!

Additional features

Find the support requests you need with extensive filter and ordering options, such as:

  • Custom tags
  • Individual plugin or theme
  • Date ranges
  • Awaiting response

Or maybe you just want to order by which requests have been sitting the longest without a resolution, or waiting on a reply from you!

Included in all plans

Avoid unreliable RSS feeds and email notifications!

Get notified when a new support request comes in, directly in your company Slack channel, with direct links for either support forums, or WP Support Hub to quickly act.

Included in the Professional plan

Track reviews in the same place as your support requests, giving you the opportunity to respond to, and possibly improve a users experience with your theme or plugin.

Watch the rating history of each review, and watch how your updates, and interactions, change users perception of your product.

Included in the Professional plan

Request information that is necessary to help you resolve a support request, but should not be shared publicly, and have it automatically be attached to the support request, information such as:

  • License keys
  • Account ownership
  • Payment information
  • Potentially sensitive logs

Included in all plans

Add notes to a support request, allowing you to leave important information for the next person who either has to look up a request for historical reasons, or takes over a request for any reason.

You can also attach notes to individual users for any reason, and find a full overview of their interactions with your support systems.

Included in all plans

Get the full overview of the support requests you receive, and how you are handling them, including features such as:

  • Daily ticket creation, and resolutions
  • Overall trend for ticket resolutions
  • Which days or the weeks, or even times of the day, have the most tickets created
  • Who is participating in your support requests

Included in all plans*

Some statistics and analytics are only available on paid plans.